Mediterranean Cruise 2010

May 6 - May 18

Here are some pictures from a vacation my parents and I took around the Mediterranean. The vacation started in Rome, then boarded Royal Caribbean's Navigator of the Seas, with ports of call in Naples, Athens, Ephasus (Kusudasi), Rhodes (Greece), and finally Alexandria (Egypt).

I've selected about 600 photos here, if you see a photo you like, just click on it, and a full sized version of that photo will load in a new window (generally 3456x2592 pixels, or 8.9 megapixel, which is usually about 4MB).

Explanatory comments are largely taken from Wikipedia, to which most of the links redirect to.

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Info You can view a full sized version of any photo by clicking on it.


I once heard the expression "All History is a Celebration of Rome," and after seeing it, I agree! This is my second trip to Rome; you can find more pictures and some interesting explanatory comments from my last visit, click here.

When visiting Rome, you will see SPQR everywhere - on ancient ruins, on modern buildings, and especially on public works (like water works and sewers). SPQR is the Latin abbreviation for Senatus Populusque Romanus --- the Senate and People of Rome.





Arch of Constantine


Palatine Hill as seen from the Circus Maximus


Trevi Fountain




Forum Romanum


Rome at night




Naples & Pompeii


On the ship












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